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Welcome to hb1079.org

In 2003, the Washington State Legislature approved HB (House Bill) 1079, a historic action that makes a college education much more affordable for certain undocumented students.

hb1079.org was created to help 1079 (undocumented) students:

  • Understand the law that enables them to pay resident tuition
  • Learn the importance and benefits of a college education
  • Understand the cost of college and how to to pay for it
  • Learn how to prepare for and gain admission to colleges and universities
  • Learn how to navigate and complete college, including studying tips and personal budgeting
  • Find advisors, advocates, mentors and campus support groups
  • Learn about other laws or policies that affect 1079 students

This web site was also created to help adults and institutions support and advocate for students.

To begin, continue to About HB 1079.

¡Si se puede!

hb1079.org is a public service provided by Sea Mar Community Health Centers’ Latino/a Educational Achievement Project, in collaboration with the 1079 Access Coalition.