When to renew an ESTA?

When to renew an ESTA?

Are you planning to go to the United States soon, and have already applied for ESTA in the past? A legitimate question may come to your mind: should I renew my ESTA authorization before my stay in the USA? We will detail in this article the precise conditions under which it is necessary to renew a temporary residence permit.

Why renew an ESTA USA?

The ESTA was set up with the objective of strengthening the internal security of the United States of America within the framework of the movements authorized by the Visa Waiver Program. Although its conditions of use are more flexible than those of the American visa, the American authorities nevertheless ensure that each traveler wishing to travel to the USA without a visa respects the required conditions. In order not to abuse the US Visa Waiver Program, US Customs and Border Protection has defined specific rules that govern the validity of this travel document.

Although it seems obvious, it is important to specify that if you wish to visit the United States with an ESTA whose expiry date has passed, you will simply be denied access to American soil.

To be certain that his trip to the USA applies to ESTA , the traveler must first ensure that his stay meets the following conditions:

  • temporary stay of up to 90 days;
  • tourist stay, business trip or transit;
  • entry into the United States by air or sea.

Cases requiring an ESTA renewal

The American State requires foreign nationals to renew their residence permits in the USA in three major cases.

Renew an ESTA after it expires

The validity period of an ESTA document is two years. As soon as the end of use deadline is reached, an ESTA renewal must be carried out, if you wish to go to the USA.

In addition, to enjoy your ESTA, you must have a valid passport. If the electronic or biometric passport expires, the ESTA is no longer valid.

Renew an ESTA in case of a new passport

The ESTA authorization is a 100% electronic travel document. It is associated with the traveler’s passport via the electronic chip. Thus, if the passport expires, the authorization expires at the same time. The same applies to any change made to the passport: modification of its data, theft, loss.

If this is the case, the first step is to apply for a passport renewal at your town hall. Remember to anticipate this process, because this formality takes an average of 3 weeks to a month. Once in possession of your new passport (biometric passport), you can then renew your ESTA.

Renew an ESTA in the event of a change in personal situation

This is more of a new ESTA application than a renewal. If one of the elements added to the ESTA form during the first request, other than the place of accommodation or the e-mail address, changes, a new authorization request is required. This is also true for closed questions completing the online form.

How to renew an ESTA USA?

The procedure for renewing an ESTA is extremely quick and simple. To do this, simply submit a new online request by completing the ESTA form. The form to be completed is available on the official US government website or on any private platform specializing in ESTA.

To complete the form, you must first communicate your marital status, and copy the major elements of your valid passport such as the passport number, the country of issue and the date of issue. Once this information has been communicated, you will have to detail the conditions of your stay on American soil (reason, place of residence, person to contact). Finally, the last step of the form consists of a short questionnaire. This part mainly concerns your criminal record, your state of health and your previous trips.

If your first online application was successfully approved and your situation has not changed in the meantime, obtaining your new ESTA should be a hassle-free process. Be careful all the same, when completing the form, not to make any mistakes. Indeed, the slightest typo could cost you a refusal of ESTA. You will then have to redo an ESTA renewal and again pay the required application fees.

In the event that you no longer meet the eligibility criteria for ESTA (example: travel to the USA as part of an internship or studies), your application for a residence permit will be refused. It will then be advisable to contact the consular services of the United States Embassy in order to apply for a visa.